Build Your Own Cooler

Perfect for that home bar can be a cooler that suits your requirements. But, not every coolers can fit your requirements. If they’re perfect, most of the time they’re expensive. So, create your own.

You will likely be surprised how easy it is to make your own personal cooler. All you have to do is determine what works perfect for you. You can rely on insulation or you can utilize freeze packs to hold the beer cold longer. If you’ve built the cooler right, just fill it up with ice and let your beer stay cold doing this.

Either way, fantasy to style the right cooler to match your bar. In the bar, up against the back wall, contained in the bar, these are generally all great ideas. For this design, I’m going to go along with the cooler included in the bar.

It’s a difficult concept that may be made much easier if you like. But, this design will impress your mates. What I mean by area of the bar would be that the counter needs to lift for somebody to be able to obtain a beer. Just remember to give your friends a six inch overhang for the stool side in order that they don’t also have to lift their beer when someone wants one.

Cut the counter that you want the cooler to travel. But, convert it into a clean cut. You can use the countertop for that lid in the cooler and it will blend in with the rest from the bar.

Build a box with 2x4s and plywood the size from the cooler that you want. Once the box is made in the bar, spray insulation foam that exist at under $20 a can. One can of spray ought to do it if you utilize it sparingly. Remember, the foam expands and seals your seams. So, you don’t have to apply much to get yourself a good layer of insulation.

Spray insulation in your cooler lid. Next, help the lid to make sure it seals right on the top with the cooler. You might have to reduce or sand some from the insulation til you have a great seal. You can also purchase rubber seals to attach on the outer edges of the cooler as well as the lid so they really seal together nicely.

Once you cash in on your adjustments and your lid appears like it will seal appropriately, attach the lid with hinges and clear the look of the cooler. Be patient. Take your time and still do it. You can make a cooler that looks like junk in case your cuts are wrong or if you do not measure correctly.

But if you take some time and do it properly, the in-bar cooler should turn out looking great. Call your mates and still have them stop by for the beer. Make them guess to get a minute on where your cooler is installed. When they learn a new bar feature, they’re going to discuss everything night and it just might become among their best topics when talking about your bar.